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Solar Manufacturing

Manufacturer of vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces.

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King Testers
Solar Manufacturing

King Testers

Manufacturers of Rockwell and Brinell Testers, microscopes, and test blocks

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Hyper Alloys

Manufacturers of high temperature retorts, muffles, boxes, tubes, shaker pans.

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King Testers

​​Heat Treat:

Process in which a metal is heated to a certain temperature, for a certain amount of time, then cooled in a particular manner to alter its internal structure for obtaining desired degree of physical and mechanical properties such as brittleness, hardness, and softness.


Procedyne Corp.

Manufacturer of fluidized bed heat treat furnace systems. 

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Supplier of heat treat vacuum and furnace related products including graphite, ceramic, moly, carbon, carbon fiber and tungsten.

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Inex, Inc.

Manufacturers of silicon carbide radiant tubes.

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Is a leading company providing calibrations, service and technical information throughout the US.

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Inex Tubes

South Tek Systems

Manufacturers of safe reliable up to 99.999% nitrogen generation technology.

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Lumsden Belting, Inc.

Manufacturers of high temperature, high carbon metal mesh belts.

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Custom Electric

Manufacturers of orignial equipment and custom electric heating elements for furnaces.

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​​AFC Holcroft, Inc.

Manufacturers of industrial heat treating furnaces, generators and related equipment.

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Wirco, Inc.

Manufacturers of high temperature rod & cast baskets, wire mesh, fans (rebuild capabilities), alloy castings, radiant tubes, internal furnace parts.

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Heat Treat Services Unlimited
Lumsden Belting
South-Tek Systems

Super Systems, Inc.

Manufacturers of atmosphere & vacuum furnace management systems, flow meters, gas analyzers and oxygen probes.

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Super Systems

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