Gas Nitriding

  Introduction of the Nitriding Factor

  By Super Systems

 A Practical Approach to controlling 

 Gas Nitriding and FNC

  By Super Systems​​​

 Quality Counts: Producing Endothermic   Gas Efficiently

  By Super Systems​​​

Alloy Material Listing

Not sure what alloy to use?

Alloy analyses and Specifications

By Wirco


Maximizing Vacuum Furnace Gas Quenching Performance

By Solar Manufacturing

  Zirconia Sensor Theory

  How it's used in the Gold Probe

  By Super Systems

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Engineering Sales Representatives


  Temperature Uniformity                         Surveys

  Optimizing Procedures

  By Solar Manufacturing


 Tool for atmospheric carbon          potential analysis

 By Super Systems

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Protective Atmospheres

Different types of atmospheres and sensors used to measure them

By Super Systems

  Endothermic Generators 

  Overview, care and maintenance

  By Super Systems​

Technical Briefs