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What we do:

Here at the Edward A Boll Co., we supply through a network of companies, products and consulting services to  the Thermal  Processing  Industry as well as Food Processing  Industry. 

​​​​​ About Us:

​The Edward A Boll Co., was founded in 1982 by Ed Boll. Beginning with Lumsden  Belting, selling metal mesh belts to the Food Processing Industry, Ed soon expanded  to the heat treating Industry, as metal mesh belts are widely used there. We now cover all products in the thermal processing industry, atmosphere and vacuum furnaces, high temperature part carriers, radiant tubes, castings, furnace controls, gas analyzers, flow meters, carbon probes, heating elements, graphite & CFC, calibrations just to name a few. 

Over the  years Ed had become  well known for his hard work, professionalism and honesty. Ed has since retired and John Oakes strives to maintain the same integrity and hard work  that has become the staple in the Edward A Boll Co., Inc.